Things to consider before buying a Hoverboard

People who don’t know what actually a Hoverboard is should know that it is one of the coolest transports that is becoming popular these days. It’s just like a skateboard; a person stands straight on it with legs on each end, hoverboard then maintains a balance by itself due to the sensors available that make a ride more adventurous.

The speed of this vehicle can be controlled by leaning forward and backwards. Hoverboards work through batteries which can take a couple of hours to charge, and depending upon the models of different companies can have various attractive features. Riding a hoverboard can actually be a lot of fun yet there are some things that need to be kept in mind before buying a Hoverboard discussed below.

  1. Buy a good quality hoverboard: There are different types of hoverboards available in the market, if you want a pleasurable experience then it is essential to buy the best quality hoverboard even if you need to spend some extra dollars. A poor quality hoverboard can result in accidents and injuries.

  2. Not advisable for younger children to use a hover board: Safety comes first. A child below the age of 12 shouldn’t ride a hoverboard as it can be risky. Also, children should ride a hoverboard under proper guidance.

  3. Purchase from a licensed U.S company: Before buying a hoverboard make sure you buy it from a licensed US company so that in the case of any problem you can easily reach out to the customer service department for help.

  4. Read reviews and specifications: If you are willing to buy a hoverboard online then the best option is to buy from through which you can get certified hoverboards. Read the reviews of the customers who have already made the purchase so that you get a fair idea as to which one to buy. Also read the specifications, so that you know you are able to make a suitable purchase.

  5. Safety: you really need to take care of the safety before buying and riding a hoverboard. Read the instruction manual thoroughly and carefully if you purchasing a hoverboard for the first time.

  6. Warranty: Make sure that you buy a hoverboard that is backed up with proper warranties.

  7. Beware of the fake product: There are many hoverboards that are just the imitations or knock-offs. In that case, go for that hoverboard that is UL 2272 licensed.

  8. Speed: The speed of a hoverboard ranges from 2 to 10 mph. you can select a hoverboard depending on your needs and usage.

  9. Local laws are needed to be checked: Before buying a hoverboard check the laws related to it with the local authorities. Depending on your area there can be some places which can restrict you riding a hoverboard.

The points mentioned above will definitely help you to choose the best hoverboard for yourself that can give you an ultimate experience.

Things to consider before buying a electric scooter

An electric scooter is simply a vehicle which powered by electrical energy rather than the use of fuels or oil. People of all ages are using this for conveyance nowadays. It has gained popularity over the years. The electric scooters are smaller and easy to handle. You don’t have to worry about the traffic if you are late for work. It is a complete time-saving option, and moreover, you don’t have to face the parking problems too. They require such a little space. It has a compact design and riding it is of course great fun!

Things to consider before buying a electric scooter

   Let us now move towards some of the major advantages of riding an electric scooter-

  1. An Eco-friendly mode of transport as it doesn’t require oil or gas to run.
  2. A light weighted device and easy to carry on a bus or train even for your little one.
  3. Time-saving and easy to ride as compared to the gas scooter. You should only have the basic idea about the throttle and the brakes.

Check safety tips for riding electric scooter

Here are few of the major guidelines which must be kept in mind before buying an electric scooter-


One of the most important factors which must be kept in mind is the range. It signifies the distance up to which the battery power can sustain. How far your super vehicle will take you will also depend on the battery conditions, 8 miles being an average if our conditions are suitable.


Another factor which influences the performance of electric scooters is the rider’s weight. If the rider is heavy, then that results in a decrease in the range. A slim rider can easily ride any bike out there. There are many options available in the market, and you should go for the option that suits you best.


Well, speed plays an important role for fun riders. Also, check for the scooters with the good durable material. Steel body scooters are usually heavier and not recommendable. Go for the Aluminum one.


     Be sure to inspect the safety aspects very well. After all, safety comes first. One shouldn’t underestimate the destructions which can be caused by electric hazards. Look for the scooter with reliable services because problems are sure to come where there is an electric device.


Temperature can have a significance too. A place with warm climatic conditions can provide a good range of the scooters. But a clear difference can be seen in the area of very hot or too icy weather. Any rider is recommended to stop the ride in the rain and advised to get a shelter nearby if feasible.

Sloppy terrain also results in a diminishing of the range. A rider staying in weak areas should look for a scooter with good battery timing whereas the one living in flat terrain and mild traffic areas can go for any suitable option available.

Also, financial BUDGET must be kept in mind while choosing your super vehicle. You must plan your buying strategy according to your need and now in today’s era of Internet everything is online and you can easily order it from any offline or online store and can schedule delivery with USPS tracking 



10 Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter

 When all set to ride your new electric scooter, make sure that you have gone through all the precautions and safety aspects associated with it. They say “BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY” One should always prioritize his/her safety over fun.

Don’t just start roaming around on your fun vehicle, without reading about the precautions and tips in different scenarios. As a result, you can find yourself stuck in an awkward situation and regret and it later.

Some of the safety tips are as follows-

electric scooter riding tips

Learn the proper operation and functionality of the scooter

You must have an overall command over the riding and must be aware of the various specifications. Otherwise, you may face an accident.

Also, take a proper training session before riding the folding scooter. That would result in the appropriate utilization of your vehicle.

You must ride ALONE

These scooters are designed for single users/ riders only so don’t even think of adjusting two people. These bikes cannot sustain a lot of weight, and you will have to face the consequences such as imbalances or other mishaps.

TRAFFIC RULES- Have a deep look!

One must be aware of the rules and regulations in their respective area and have the idea about the signals so that your ride can be more fun and less problematic!

Phone calls, Go away!!

No talking over the phone suggested. You should never answer your phone calls while riding a vehicle. Instead if seems to be an essential call then you can park your vehicle to the side of the road and then have your conversation. Talking while riding can lead to the absence in the concentration on the road.

Say NO to OVER_SPEED and Risky riding behaviors

Not giving desired attention to this factor can be hazardous and even life-taking! Over-speeding often results in accidents and serious injuries.

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Keep your scooter clean and updated

Accumulation of the dust particles can affect the motor of the vehicle. So better keep in clean, and all the features must be updated on a regular basis.


Electric scooters need to be charged on a regular basis otherwise there is no meaning of having an electric scooter. Suppose you have a day shift at your workplace so you can leave the bike for charging in the night time so that the ride to your workplace or classes can be convenient.

Kindly observe the Main Holes

Sometimes while riding freely on the roads, people tend to miss the opening of the central holes. Please ride cautiously and try to be alert all the time.

Look out for Pedestrians

Take care of the pedestrian area. A small distraction from the road can result in massive accidents.

Choose appropriate clothing and use Riding Gears

Use of helmets is a must while riding! One should never ignore the importance of safety gadgets associated with riding. You can also take the additional gears such as Elbow and Knee protectors. Also wearing clothes having full sleeves and the nice fabric is advisable.

All these factors must contribute to making your ride on the fun vehicle more pleasant. Have a safe trip!