10 Safety Tips for Riding an Electric Scooter

By | August 18, 2017

 When all set to ride your new electric scooter, make sure that you have gone through all the precautions and safety aspects associated with it. They say “BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY” One should always prioritize his/her safety over fun.

Don’t just start roaming around on your fun vehicle, without reading about the precautions and tips in different scenarios. As a result, you can find yourself stuck in an awkward situation and regret and it later.

Some of the safety tips are as follows-

electric scooter riding tips

Learn the proper operation and functionality of the scooter

You must have an overall command over the riding and must be aware of the various specifications. Otherwise, you may face an accident.

Also, take a proper training session before riding the folding scooter. That would result in the appropriate utilization of your vehicle.

You must ride ALONE

These scooters are designed for single users/ riders only so don’t even think of adjusting two people. These bikes cannot sustain a lot of weight, and you will have to face the consequences such as imbalances or other mishaps.

TRAFFIC RULES- Have a deep look!

One must be aware of the rules and regulations in their respective area and have the idea about the signals so that your ride can be more fun and less problematic!

Phone calls, Go away!!

No talking over the phone suggested. You should never answer your phone calls while riding a vehicle. Instead if seems to be an essential call then you can park your vehicle to the side of the road and then have your conversation. Talking while riding can lead to the absence in the concentration on the road.

Say NO to OVER_SPEED and Risky riding behaviors

Not giving desired attention to this factor can be hazardous and even life-taking! Over-speeding often results in accidents and serious injuries.

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Keep your scooter clean and updated

Accumulation of the dust particles can affect the motor of the vehicle. So better keep in clean, and all the features must be updated on a regular basis.


Electric scooters need to be charged on a regular basis otherwise there is no meaning of having an electric scooter. Suppose you have a day shift at your workplace so you can leave the bike for charging in the night time so that the ride to your workplace or classes can be convenient.

Kindly observe the Main Holes

Sometimes while riding freely on the roads, people tend to miss the opening of the central holes. Please ride cautiously and try to be alert all the time.

Look out for Pedestrians

Take care of the pedestrian area. A small distraction from the road can result in massive accidents.

Choose appropriate clothing and use Riding Gears

Use of helmets is a must while riding! One should never ignore the importance of safety gadgets associated with riding. You can also take the additional gears such as Elbow and Knee protectors. Also wearing clothes having full sleeves and the nice fabric is advisable.

All these factors must contribute to making your ride on the fun vehicle more pleasant. Have a safe trip!


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